about us

The IMA organization was established in 2008 with the intention of supporting emerging artists from the Indian sub-continent. Radha Binod Sharma, himself, an artist had studied at some of the leading establishments and had gone on to exhibit his work in the international arena. In 2007, having settled in London, his attention turned to Indian art being represented in the global market. He observed the variation in talent and this led him to focus more closely on the art scene in India. In early 2008, he travelled back to his artistic roots in Santiniketan and Baroda to witness art emerging from these renowned establishments. The quality and the depth of the work he saw, along with a recognition of the difficulties facing artists in the early stage of their careers led to the creation of IMA . As an artist his sensibility and experience recognized the talent stemming from India, but he also saw the struggle and difficulties artists were having in forging a strong and clear manifestation in the international arena.

The artists emerging from contemporary India are imbued with new-found confidence which allows them to combine their rich artistic heritage with a modern mind-set. The cultural DNA is manifested in the colors and unique traditional forms. The dynamic modern presence moves from innocent sensibility to bold fluidity. True confidence and strong identities emerge from recognition of core values and unique cultural roots without this we can become trapped in the vicissitudes of the mind and modern whimsy. Honoring that which is pure original talent and that which has been "untrodden upon" requires both courage and determined dedication from the artists and their patrons. Radha Binod Sharma’s own cultural roots stem from a remote tribal state in India called Tripura. His early life was spent in Agartala observing the daily struggles of people to survive under crippling poverty. Being 'on the edge' meant observing life in it's raw yet real form.

Despite the poverty and hardship his parents found the energy and resourcefulness to foster his love of painting. His mother, herself a well established and pioneering Manipuri classical dancer, provided the emotional rootedness for her son to develop his talents. Against all odds, his commitment and his parents enduring support helped him to achieve admission to India's foremost university dedicated to the arts in Santiniketan which had been established by India's own "Renaissance Man" Rabindranath Tagore. His desire to support artists stems from a life committed to the celebration of color, beauty and truth despite poverty. IMA means mother in the Manipuri language, IMA also stands for Indian Modern Art. In this sense Radha Binod's mother and Mother India are synonymous and both have provided the inspiration which underlies his work as an artist and supporter of talented new Indian artists.